A photographer did something incredible with a famous Sydney landmark

Photo: Aquabumps

The Bondi Icebergs pool is a quintessential Sydney spot. The baths have been around for more than 100 years and after the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the pool’s adjacent beach, is one of the city’s most photographed locations.

Eugene Tan is a Bondi-based photographer who’s run the Aquabumps art gallery on Curlewis Street in Bondi Beach for 17 years.

Yesterday he lined the bottom of the 50-metre Icebergs main pool with a large-scale photo he took while hanging out of a helicopter on the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Photo: Aquabumps

It’s a beach, within a pool, beside a beach.

Installing the image was a mammoth task, done while the pool was drained for cleaning. The print is a vinyl decal, 49 metres long and 13 metres wide, and had to be transported in 5 strips. It took 5 hours to complete the task.

Photo: Aquabumps

The installation was part of a sponsored event with Canon and Santa Vittoria.

Photo: Aquabumps

Tan’s work is well known in Australia and the rest of the world — Dropbox’s Sydney headquarters even features a ping-pong table with large-scale photograph decal by Tan.

See how he pulled it off the project in the video below.

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