A Peep Of Jamie Dimon’s Compensation Package For 2011 Has Been Revealed

Jamie Dimon

[credit provider=”Business Insider”]

In an SEC filing today, JP Morgan revealed a bit of information on how CEO Jamie Dimon would be compensated for 2011. [via Bloomberg]Dimon will be awarded 337,032 restricted shares of JP Morgan, according to the regulatory filing. Based on today’s closing price of $37.36 for JPM stock, the shares are worth about $12.6 million. The chief executive will be able to exercise half the restricted stocks in 2014, and half in 2015. He was also awarded 562,430 JPM stock options.

It’s certainly not Dimon’s entire pay or even majority of it—an executive’s compensation package consists of base salary, cash payments, restricted stock and stock options. For 2010, Dimon was paid $1 million in base salary and $5 million in cash. With restricted stock and options, his total compensation was $23 million.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what the rest of Dimon’s compensation will be for 2011.


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