Here's A Peek At Facebook's New Way To Pay For Stuff With Your Smartphone

On Monday night, a small number of mobile Facebook users will gain access to a new feature, a way to easily pay for stuff with their phones.

Facebook tells us that this is not a feature of the Facebook mobile app, but an option that developers can build into their own apps.

As we previously reported, the feature is called “Autofill with Facebook” and Facebook is slowly rolling it out to the public. Two mobile apps are participating in the test, men’s clothing store JackThreads and photo book site, Mosaic.

Right now only users who have their credit card information stored in their Facebook profiles will be able to see the new feature.

This is not a competitor to PayPal. The feature works with PayPal, as well as as Braintree and Stripe.

This is a way to automatically fill in credit card information with a drop-down menu. It is to mobile shopping what autofill/autocorrect is to texting.
Facebook sent us a couple of photos of the new feature. Take a look:

JackThreads Facebook AutofillFacebookJackThreads Facebook Autofill
Mosaic Facebook AutofillFacebookMosaic Facebook Autofill

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