A New Cookbook Offers The 30 Best Nutella Recipes

Nutella. Food of the Gods. Chocolate gold. Basically, the best freakin’ thing you can buy in a jar. Apparently, there are other ways to eat this chocolate hazelnut spread than solo with a spoon. . .
Yeah, I was pretty surprised too, but let’s not kid ourselves. About 95% of Nutella lovers out there go ham on the stuff, as seen above.

Well, Ferrero, creators of Nutella, have had enough and want you to be more creative with their chocolicious product, which is why they are releasing an official Nutella cookbook.

Shaped like the iconic jar, Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes, is a book full of sweet treats to impress your dinner guests. Nutella cheesecakes, macaroons, mousse, and many more delectable desserts will be at your fingertips.

Just remember that baking takes time and patience. So if you can’t wait an hour to make your DIY Nutella creation, maybe you should just stick to siphoning it from the jar with a straw.

What? Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.

Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes, $US8.25 @Amazon

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