BURJ AL-ARAB: Take A Tour Of The World's Most Luxurious Hotel


Prospective guests at Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab, the self-described “most luxurious hotel in the world,” are shown a 10 minute video.

This glamorous footage is supposed to convince people to spend up to $2,500 per night. We’ve broken out highlights from the video.

Anyone staying in a suite gets driven around in a Rolls Royce

You can also fly around in a helicopter for an extra charge

Be prepared for a Downton Abby's worth of servants

First there's the hot towel girl, then the perfume girl, then the date guy, then the coffee guy

What delicious dates!

Onward to the lobby

Enjoy music from these guys in fezzes

And check out that view!

Now step inside a VIP suites

They've got a valet to put away your clothes

And someone to put soap by your bathtub

This young girl is gathering pillows from around the suite...

From the master bedroom...

From the salon...

From another fancy room

From upstairs...

Why was she gathering all those pillows?

She was giving Barbie a place to sit!

There's plenty of room to do work

But you didn't come here to work...

Time for some yoga

Get a massage!

Take in swim indoors

Or outdoors

Or take a romantic walk on the beach

Fancy a game of billiards?

Now off to dinner at one of 7 world class restaurants

Look at those desserts!

Don't worry: This Arab hotel serves alcohol too

Perhaps you would rather eat seafood in an aquarium

Or go all out in this grand dining hall

The chefs will accommodate your every request

Even finding raspberries for a little girl

Look how happy she is!

Now it's for a night out in the Rolls

But wait...

This guy is going to take out a Lamborghini instead

Don't worry, women can drive in this Arab country

Now it's off for a drive

Coming home from the club, this couple is met by a driver and a bouquet

Heading back to the Burj

It looks great at night too.

Burj al Arab is but one of many wonders in Dubai

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