A Newspaper Column Is In A Feud With A Vodafone Australia PR Team


Last week the AFR’s Rear Window column made a pretty good case that a Vodafone Australia press release had been copied from a Telstra one sent out a few years earlier.

Then one of the publicists who had not been named wrote in, and admitted she had worked at both companies — and was involved in both releases — but that it was just a coincidence there were sentences in the two missives that were exactly the same.

She was promptly named in a second article.

Now another Vodafone Australia publicist has thrown her hat in the ring, saying if she had her way they would take the incident to The ABC’s Media Watch program, and asking that a response letter be published.

Instead the newspaper just named her and published her comments.

“I’m sure you can tell by the tone of my email I am extremely unimpressed and if I had my way we would send it on to Media Watch,” the publicist wrote, according to the Australian Financial Review.

She also gave the newspaper a deadline, reportedly asking if it could “let us know by tomorrow lunchtime,” if the letter was going to be published.

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