A New York Woman Faked Terminal Cancer To Score A Free Wedding And Honeymoon To Aruba

Aruba, vacation, honeymoon

Photo: Flickr / wirralwater (not very good but enjoy it)

Two years ago, Jessica Vega, 25, claimed she was dying of acute myeloid leukemia and wanted to marry Michael O’Connell, the father of her daughter, according to the Times Herald-Report. A news segment on the couple inspired an outpouring of donations and services. Well-wishers paid for their May 2010 wedding followed by a honeymoon in Aruba.

But four months later O’Donnell found out Vega had been lying and turned her in to authorities. The couple allegedly divorced over the matter, but reunited in Virginia and had a second child. 

Today she was indicted for felony theft and fraud charges and faces up to 20 years in prison, according to the Times Herald Record.

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