A new species of funnel web spider found in Tasmania has fangs 'longer than a tiger snake'

Its owner says she’s “beautiful”, but a new species of funnel web spider found in Tasmania is going to find it hard to win over a lot of fans.

The “Blue Tier” funnel web was found in bush near Weldborough, in the state’s northeast.

Here’s the close-up you didn’t want to see:

The Blue Tier funnel web. Picture: QVMAG/YouTube

Queen Victoria Musueum and Art Gallery research associate John Douglas says it is a new species and it is venomous.

He told the ABC he knows of one person who got bitten and “they’re still living”.

“They got very sore, they were sick,” he said, then added he was about to get bitten by the one he brought into the studio in order to find out whether she killed people or not.

Clever man. Just the pain of having a couple of fangs “bigger than that of a tiger snake” driven into your body somewhere is enough to put that idea to bed.

Here’s the look on ABC Radio’s breakfast host Belinda King’s face as Douglas was describing those fangs:

ABC Breakfast host Belinda King didn’t fall in love. Picture: ABC/Facebook

QVMAG researchers are on a spider-hunting binge in Tasmania right now, and the Blue Tier funnel web was just one of about 30 new species they’ve uncovered this year alone.

Douglas says if anyone sees the new funnel web, “don’t just stick your foot on it”. The museum would appreciate a call.

Read more about the new Blue Tier funnel web at The Examiner.

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