A New IRS Tool Will Make Completing Your FAFSA Form Easier


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(MoneyWatch)If you have ever filled out the FAFSA form, you can appreciate how complicated it can be.

Millions of American parents have wrestled with this federal financial aid form and many of them have made mistakes.

Some of those errors have inadvertently cost lots of families financial aid that they were entitled to receive.

The federal government feels your pain and has been trying to make the form simpler.

It is significantly expanding the use of a newly improved tool that should make the FAFSA far simpler for you and millions of other parents. 

What I’m talking about goes by the clunky name of FAFSA-IRS Data Retrieval Process. With this tool, parents will be able to transfer their federal tax information straight from their 2011 tax returns to the FAFSA.

You might not know what figures to provide on the FAFSA, but the IRS does. Without the human guesswork, errors will decline, which should lead to more accurate financial aid awards.

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