A New Greek Fund Keeps It Real With An Unbelievably Honest Name—Updated

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Photo: Ibiblio.org

Greek money manager Anastasios Dimopoulos is launching a fund named “Phobos”—Greek for fear (via FINalternatives).According to Fins, Dimopoulos “knows what moves financial markets—fear and greed.” He raised $146,696 from friends and family to start the Phobos Total Return fund. It will be based in Luxembourg and trade North American and European equities, with 1 and 20 fees.

Dimopoulos managed a 20.16% return for the year ending March 2011.

UPDATE: We heard from Dimopoulos. In his own words:

“I think it would be good to correct the fact that the $146,696 gathered was for an account
that was to be audited.

I was managing other money at the same time also. I am targeting $2.5M-$6M for the size of the fund.”

Thanks for getting in touch, Anastasios. Best of luck with Fear.

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