A new FCC filing seemingly reveals new information on the next Google Pixel phone, including the manufacturer

GettyImages 612442432Ramin Talaie/Getty ImagesBrian Rakowski, VP of Product Management at Google, holds a Pixel during an event to introduce the phone.

A new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing has seemingly confirmed that HTC is once again Google’s chosen manufacturer that will build the next Pixel phone, Android Police first spotted.

The documentation reveals that this is only the smaller “Pixel 2,” however, as the larger, higher-end sibling — the tentatively named “Pixel 2 XL” — will reportedly be manufactured by LG, and feature a markedly different design.

“Unfortunately, there’s a request for confidentiality pertaining to various diagrams and descriptions, so there aren’t any photos of the device,” says Android Police’s report, but there are still some screenshots from the Settings app with additional information.

You can see that, for one, the listed Android version is 8.0.1, with a (yet unreleased) security patch dated August 5, 2017. The FCC filing for last year’s Pixel phone curiously surfaced exactly one year ago today, while the phone landed on stores’ shelves towards the end of October, so you can expect the patch’s date to change by the time the Pixel 2 lands in customers’ hands.

GPxFCCAndroid Police / FCCThe new Settings app reveals information circa the Android version as well as some bits about the phone’s hardware.

Another interesting bit comes from the “Storage” option, which says “21% used — 50.66 GB free,” which suggests that the Pixel 2 will come in a 64GB configuration (the original Pixel phones have either 32 or 128GB options). The search toggle at the top right has also apparently been replaced by a permanent, full-width search bar.

Under “Languages, input & gestures” setting, instead, the text reads “squeeze for your Assistant.” This would mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer is bringing the technology behind the touch-sensitive frame it used in its own U11 flagship smartphone, and that the default action for it will be triggering the Google Assistant (the feature is expected to be present on the larger Pixel 2 XL, too).

PxFCCAndroid Police / FCCThe documentation for ‘NM8G011A,’ which should be Google’s ‘Pixel 2.’

The baseband version also lists the number 8988, which implies that either of Qualcomm’s latest top-of-the-line processors — the Snapdragon 835 or 836 — will make their way to the device, coupled with a rumoured 4GB of RAM, and a 5-inch 1080p display. Just don’t expect a headphone jack.

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