A New Drug Has Been Developed Which Smashes The Killer Dengue Fever Virus

Netting to protect against dengue infected mosquitos. Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

A new drug has been developed which can neutralise all four forms of the dengue virus including the that spread by mosquitoes.

Scientists studied antibodies from dengue-infected human patients and discovered a new class of antibodies which can effectively neutralise the virus in both insect and human cells.

The discovery of the highly potent antibodies is reported in the journal Nature Immunology by Gavin Screaton of Imperial College London and colleagues.

This is the first reported incidence of an antibody capable of neutralising all four forms of the virus, including the form present in mosquitoes, and may lead to the development of effective vaccines and treatments for the disease.

Dengue is a mosquito borne viral infection with an estimated 400 million infections annually.

Geographical spread continues to widen, threatening the Southern United States and Australia.

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