A new dinosaur has been found at a railway station construction site in China

Huanansaurus. Image: Chuang Zhao

A new feathered dinosaur, a type of oviraptorosaur from the Late Cretaceous period, has been dug up at a construction site in southern China.

Oviraptorosaurs are a group of feathered dinosaurs ranging from turkey sized to eight metres long. They have short, beaked skulls, some with bony crests on their heads.

The new species, Huanansaurus ganzhouensis, was unearthed at the construction site of the Ganzhou railway station.

Huanansaurus had a crest on top of its skull but has a different jaw structure than most Oviraptorosaurs suggesting a difference in foraging strategies.

The new dinosaur has been announced in the journal of Scientific Reports by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

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