A New British Roller Coaster Is So Extreme That Test Dummies Returned From A Practice Run Without Limbs

roller coaster

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A new roller coaster about to open at Britain’s Thorpe Park twists and turns so violently that the crash dummies on a recent test returned without limbs, according to USA Today.The dummies returned sans arms and legs after a ride on “The Swarm.” So the theme park sought the second opinion of air-force pilots to see if the ride was sustainable for guests. The pilots called the ride “gut-wrenching,” USA Today reports.

The ride travels a post-apocalyptic themed track at the speed of 62 miles per hour and is a “winged coaster,” meaning that riders sit in floor-less seats, allowing their legs to dangle.

We’ve heard speculation that story about the test dummies is little more than a PR stunt intended to build buzz for the roller coaster. in any case, it seems to be working.

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