A new Australian promotional channel is being launched on China’s answer to youtube

Malcolm Turnbull and Jack Ma. Image: Supplied

A promotional channel for Australian companies is being setup on youku.com, China’s youtube-like service.

A deal between Austrade and e-commerce giant Alibaba will create a dedicated promotional channel for Australian companies on youku.com, a video sharing website with 500 million active users.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today joined Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma to witness signing the agreement.

Michael Clifton, Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner in China, says the deal will help introduce new brands to Alibaba’s 434 million online shoppers.

“It will allow more Chinese consumers to enjoy easy access to a wider variety of Australia’s premium products and fresh produce,” says Clifton.

“Online delivery of imported fresh food in China is becoming increasingly viable as a result of improvements in last-mile cold chain logistics.”

Australia ranks fourth in sales volume on Tmall Global, Alibaba’s international online platform that allows direct sales to Chinese consumers, behind the US, Japan and Korea.

The majority of Australian products sold online in China are vitamins and supplements, dairy items, breakfast cereals and beauty products.

Maggie Zhou, the managing director of the Alibaba Group in Australia and New Zealand, says the agreement will help more businesses access new markets through Alibaba’s platforms.

Here’s an example of an Australian promotion on youku.com: