A new Apple TV is coming in September

September is going to be a big month for Apple.

The company is not only likely to unveil new versions of its iPhone 6, but it will also introduce a long-awaited update to its Apple TV, BuzzFeed News reported Thursday.

According to BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski, the new Apple TV will come with a touchpad remote and will be able to be controlled by Siri, the virtual personal assistant found on iPads and iPhones. It will also come with an app store that will allow third-party developers, like game designers, to make apps for it.

It’s been more than three years since Apple last updated the Apple TV, which is a box that you connect to your TV to allow it to stream video, like Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu, from the internet.

Paczkowski reported in March that the refreshed Apple TV was supposed to come out at the company’s annual developer’s conference last month, where Apple announced its new Beats Music service. But just before the conference, The New York Times reported that the Apple TV wasn’t yet ready and would not be unveiled.

Paczkowski also writes that a streaming TV service from Apple, which earlier reports had said could be launched as soon as this fall, may not come out until next year.

Apple is reportedly working on negotiating rights to stream local channels, which Re/Code reported in May could delay the launch of the service. The service, which would be delivered online, would include about two dozen channels and cost as little as $US25 per month, according to The Times.

Apple TV is usually sold for $US99, but it’s been on sale for $US69 since March, suggesting the company is making room for a new one.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Tech Insider.

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