A Near-Bankrupt Synagogue Has Asked Mel Gibson For A Large Donation

MEl Gibson

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One California synagogue on the brink of bankruptcy has asked for financial help from an unlikely donor: Mel Gibson.Congregation Beth Shalom in Corona, Calif., wrote a letter to the embattled actor asking to help their flailing synagogue, TMZ reports:

“Our proposal to you, Mr. Gibson, is since you have been cited as an Anti-Semitic, and have denied those allegations, what better way to prove to all your fans and the nay Sayers — than to endorse and help raise funds for our cause — SOS, Save Our Synagogue.”

But the best part of the letter is the last line:  “Mr. Gibson, we offer you to be a Mensch and make a sizable contribution to our cause.”

The embattled actor’s anti-Semitic tirade to a police officer after being pulled over for a DWI was caught on tape.

In the 2006 police report of the incident, Gibson is cited as yelling: “Fucking Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Gibson then asked a police officer, “Are you a Jew?”

Gibson’s film, “The Passion of the Christ,” was viewed by some critics as having anti-Semitic undertones.

Gibson has denied allegations of anti-Semitism.

This post originally appeared at The Daily Caller.