A Naked Geoffrey Rush Is The Latest Celeb To Send People Crazy, Crashing The Sydney Theatre Company Website

Screenshot: STC 2015 Season trailer

The Sydney Theatre Company has been so inundated with people wanting to see its 2015 performances that its website crashed when tickets went on sale this week.

The main culprit is suspected to be Geoffrey Rush, following the announcement that the screen legend will star in Shakespeare’s King Lear – possibly butt-naked.

While people tried to score the chance to see Rush in action, in the nude, buying tickets became impossible when the site broke down, displaying this message:

“Our website is temporarily unavailable… we are experiencing high volumes of traffic due to the priority booking window opening today for 2015 Season Ticket bookings.”

While Rush’s nudity is yet to be confirmed, a decision is expected to be made when rehearsals start next year. The 63-year-old this week posed nude for promotion images for the show.

Rush, more recently known for his lead role in the award-winning film, The King’s Speech, this year received a place on the Australia Day Honours Lists for his “eminent service to the arts as a theatre performer, motion picture actor and film producer, as a role model and mentor for aspiring artists, and through support for, and promotion of, the Australian arts industry”.

Here’s the full line-up of performances set to hit the stage during the 2015 season at The Sydney Theatre Company.


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