A mother is calling out Target for this sign in the store

Target customer Abi Bechtel was shopping in Green, Ohio when she noticed a sign.

A sign above an aisle read two labels, “Building Sets” and “Girls’ Building Sets.”

The mother immediately took notice of the distinction and posted a tweet calling out the retailer. 

Her tweet has gone viral, receiving over 2,000 retweets and favourites. 


The tweet has sparked support, criticism, and debates across media platforms. Many users posted supportive responses to Bechtel and thanked her for raising attention to this issue.


Others felt the backlash was unwarranted.


In a comment to The Daily Dot, the retailer chalked up the labelling to convenience and organisation to help the customer.

“In our toy department, we offer a wide assortment of unique, differentiated, must-have merchandise, that children of all ages, stages and interests will love. We know families are tight on time and looking for inspiration. Therefore, we continually explore how to organise our stores and website in ways that will be convenient, appealing and helpful to our guests,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also shared that the retailer has recently conducted tests in stores to assess these signs. After removing the gender indicators from aisles, Target found that customers actually prefer the signs. Internet search results also show that customers use gender identifiers to find certain products.

The spokesperson said Target does not plan to remove the gender identifiers.

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