'A Most Promising Lead': Signals Consistent With Black Boxes Detected In Waters Off Australia

Chief Coordinator of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston (ret’d) addresses the media at Dumas House on April 6, 2014 in Perth, Australia (Photo: Getty)

Australian defence vessel Ocean Shield has detected signals that are consistent with black box flight recorders such as the one on board missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Air Chief Marshal (ret) Angus Houston, who is coordinating the search, said it was a “most promising” lead, though stressed the signals were unverified.

“Two separate signal detections have occurred within the northern part of the defined search area,” he said in a televised press conference.

“The first detection was held for approximately two hours and 20 minutes.

“The ship then lost contact before conducting a turn and attempting to reacquire the signal. The second detection on the return leg was held for approximately 13 minutes,” he said.

Military and civilian aircraft and ships have been searching an area of the Indian Ocean where it is believed the aircraft, which had 239 passengers on board, crashed.

Air Chief Marshal Houston said it could several days to confirm whether the signals were from the missing aircraft. the Ocean Shield will remain in the area.

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