A mum wrote a touching Facebook post about her daughter starting kindergarten -- and it's been 'liked' more than 1,000 times

New York City mum Haley Fulop did not feel the pang of sorrow she expected after dropping her daughter off at kindergarten orientation.

She snapped a photo of her little girl and posted it on the Facebook group Upper East Side Mommas, paired with an appreciative caption reflecting on the past five years.

Within one day, her post was “liked” over 1,000 times as her meaningful words resonated with other parents in the self-described “supportive network for mothers in Manhattan.”

Her message read:

Took this little girl to Kindergarten orientation yesterday. Poof. I thought I’d be a mess, but I wasn’t. I heard a mum say, “Where did the time go?”

The thing is, I know where the time went. It’s been nearly five years of late nights, early mornings, and drinking enough caffeine to harm an elephant. It’s been five years of putting my phone to the side and soaking it all in, asking a lot of my Spanx and even more of my under eye concealer, and learning that if it can be fixed with a dust buster it’s not a real problem. Five years of loving and hating picture messages from the nanny if I was at work. But running home like the lottery was waiting for me. It was being crushed, in the best way, by the biggest, deepest love. It’s bittersweet to see her move to this next chapter, but not because I don’t know where the time went. Wishing all you mammas the same peace as your kids move onto their next chapters — because you’re all doing a good job. Yes, really.

Fulop’s caption emphasised the importance of cherishing her time with her children, an idea that many working parents can relate to.

“I really am pretty touched that this many people connected to the post,” Fulop told INSIDER. “It’s tough to really feel like all the hard work, all the effort to stay present really amounts to something as big as peace when the day comes that they move on to something that’s a big milestone to them.”

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