A Miami Investor Just Bought This Incredibly Gorgeous And Exotic Mansion For $14.3 Million

29 star drive

Paul Cejas, a Miami businessman who runs PLC Investments, just picked up this exotic, Moroccan-styled mansion for $14.3 million from shoe designer Donald Pliner, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The mansion itself sits on nearly an acre of land on  Star Island—the area has been home to celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell and Shaq.

Cejas also has another distinction those in finance might be more familiar with—he sold his old house to hedge fund manager Eddie Lampert for nearly $40 million.

His new abode’s price tag is much humbler than his old place, but from the photos it looks just as extravagent. The house has 4 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a saltwater pool.

The house is Moroccan-styled, that's pretty obvious.

A huge entrance.

This other entrance is just as impressive.

The foyer is light and airy.

A gazebo that looks out to the sea.

The garage is as decadent as the front entrance!

Here's the kitchen.

The tall ceilings make all the rooms seem spacious.

A bigger kitchen.

The dining hall.

The pool at night—it has salt water.

This bedroom is decked out in African patterns and prints.

A nice place to lounge.

We're not sure what this hallway/fountain thing is, but it looks awesome.

The backyard.

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