A Melbourne motorcyclist is fighting a police crackdown on helmet cameras

David Becker/Getty Images

A motorcyclist stopped and fined by police for having a GoPro camera on his helmet has mounted a legal challenge.

Police say Max Lichtenbaum wasn’t wearing an approved helmet in Frankston in March 2014 and fined him $289 and three demerit points.

However, Lichtenbaum is challenging the fine, saying his helmet is compliant with the Australian Standard.

He’s also arguing that the Australian Standard governing motorcycle helmets is not freely accessible to the public and riders can’t be found guilty of breaching a law which is not publicly available.

His lawyer, Maurice Blackburn principal Malcolm Cumming, says growing numbers of motorcycle riders use cameras and tinted visors on their helmets to improve rider safety.

“In our work supporting riders injured in road accidents, we know that video from helmet cameras is some of the best evidence you can have if you are in a collision,” says Cumming.

Some states, including Western Australia, issue helmet cameras to police motorcycle riders.

The challenge to the fine is being heard in the Frankston Magistrates Court today.

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