A Melbourne man was busted for stealing 1000 pairs of shoes and now police want to return them to their owners

It’s not known if Christian Louboutins were among those taken, but here’s hoping… Photo: Getty/ Ian Gavan

Imelda Marcos, move over.

Police in the outer eastern Melbourne suburb of Mooroolbark, were little surprised when they tracked down the thief they believed was responsible for a series of shoe thefts from home in the area over the last three months.

Inside the 57-year-old man’s home, they found a staggering 1000 pairs of second hand shoes.

The man was arrested and as the cops say so famously, he’s now assisting with their enquiries.

Meanwhile, police are hoping to play Prince Charming and ensure that the shoe fits for anyone in the Kilsyth and Mooroolbark area who’s lost their footwear.

Victims are invited to attend the Mooroolbark Police station on Sunday, March 29, between 11am and 4pm. Good luck

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