A Melbourne Man Built A $40,000 A Month Business By Sharing Kids' 'If We Get 1 Million Likes' Posts


We’ve all come across those Facebook photos with cute little kids asking strangers to help get them to 1 million likes to convince their parents to buy them a dog.

Who knew sharing such posts could help a Melbourne man attract enough Facebook fans to bring in $40,000 a month in advertising revenue.

The SMH’s Christopher Niesche reports that 24-year-old Jake Munday won over 2.5 million Facebook fans in the past 12 months by sharing viral content on his Dog Lovers page.

From the report:

They posted a picture of a cute little girl holding up a handwritten sign saying, “my daddy said I can get a puppy only if I can get 1 million likes”. The post went viral and within 72 hours had picked up 1.3 million clicks.

The picture had already been posted on Facebook. Munday simply picked it up and put it on his own page. He has no idea who the girl is or whether she ultimately got her puppy.

Dog Lovers now earns its revenue from advertising but Munday reportedly plans to get more from the brand and his database of 3.4 million followers.

The SMH reports that he wants to sell the business in the longer term. Munday declined to comment further about the business or his plans to sell.

There’s more on the SMH.

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