A Melbourne Driver Five Times Over The Limit Was So Drunk It Was The Same Strength As Surgical Anaesthetic

Source: Facebook

A 30-year-old Victorian man caught drink driving in West Melbourne on Monday afternoon was more than five times over the legal limit .

Melbourne Highway Patrol were called to Lloyd Street after a Toyota Echo had veered off the road and crashed into a concrete barrier around 4.45pm.

The unlicensed driver had a positive breath test at the scene and was taken back to a police station where he blew 0.34%.

Medical authorities say that at 0.30%, people have little comprehension of where they are and may pass out suddenly. At 0.35% blood alcohol, a coma is possible and it’s the level of surgical anaesthesia.

Police are planning to charge the Yarraville man on summons with drink driving, and careless and unlicensed driving.

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