A Melbourne Art Dealer Bought A Brett Whiteley Painting For A Record-Breaking $3.9 Million

A painting by Australian artist Brett Whiteley sold for a record-breaking $3.9 million at an auction in Melbourne.

Melbourne art dealer John Playfoo bought the work, “My Armchair”, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. It had been expected to sell for between three-and-four million.

The auction broke previous records for the sale of Whiteley’s paintings topping the purchase of his 1985 work “The Olgas” for Ernest Giles which went for $3.48 million.

My Armchair was sold by private owners who had originally purchased the piece for $10,000 after it was finished by Whiteley in 1976 and was said to be in “mint condition” even after 40 years, according to The SMH.

Painted in a French Impressionist style, the artwork which is a part of the artist’s Lavender Bay series depicts the inside of Whiteley’s house in Sydney.

The $5.4 million sale of Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly artworks in 2010 still remains the highest selling set of Australian paintings.

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