A Meeting Of The Moguls

Yesterday, an assortment of New York’s movers and shakers (and Mike Ovitz) gathered at the Four Seasons restaurant for a photograph for Vanity Fair to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the watering hole. As can be expected, the moguls were a bit particular about where they were seated. But we’re still wondering how Vanity Fair got all of these bigshots in one place in the middle of the day. I mean presumably Sandy Weill and Ovitz weren’t busy, but Steve Schwarzman?

Page Six: [Photographer Todd] Eberle suggested Blackstone Group billionaire Stephen Schwarzman switch his centrally located seat with food and restaurant critic Gael Greene, who was off on the left. Schwarzman didn’t budge.

[Others on hand] were Henry Kissinger, Mike Ovitz, Edgar Bronfman Sr. and Jr., Richard Meier, Jonathan Tisch, Sandy Weill, Donald Marron, David Dinkins and Leonard Lauder, who was heard confessing that at his wife’s suggestion, he had applied Estee Lauder bronzer for the camera.

As Eberle was arranging the tableaux, he got a laugh when he suggested that Georgette Mosbacher stick out her left leg, which was in a cast. “It matches Ed Koch‘s white socks,” Eberle explained.

Upstairs were Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Ed Lewis, Joni Evans, Charles Masson, Lally Weymouth, Bill Rudin, Dolly Lenz, Aby Rosen and Bill O’Shaughnessy.

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