A Massive Ice Storm Is Pummelling The Northeastern US

The U.S. is getting hit with another widespread winter storm.

The East Coast could get up to a foot of snow, according to Reuters.

Sleet and freezing rain are also hitting the Midwest, Northeast, and even some southern states.

Boston will be hit with heavy snow, while other cities along the East Coast will see a mix of snow and freezing rain.

Schools in some states are shut down, and more than 92,000 people are without power in New Jersey. Residents of New York City face an icy commute as snow from last night melts and freezing rain continues to fall.

Thousands of flights around the country have been canceled, and roads in affected areas are dangerous, making travel difficult in and out of the Northeast and Midwest.

Here’s a rundown of flights that have been canceled at major airports around the U.S. so far: 235 flights at Newark, N.J., 224 flights at New York’s LaGuardia, 116 flights at New York’s JFK, 110 flights at Chicago, 174 flights at Boston, and 83 flights at Philadelphia.

Here are some photos from around the country:

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