A Man Whose Daughter Died Allegedly Tried To Steal Another Baby Girl While High On PCP

A Kansas City, Mo., man who was high on PCP reportedly fell out of a moving car and was run over Saturday afternoon before committing a crime of his own.

When a group of passing motorists stopped to help the unnamed man, who many believed was dead on the roadway, he got up and opened the back door of one of the cars and tried to steal a one-month-old baby from her car seat, FOX4 News reported Sunday.

The infant’s parents told FOX4 News they yelled at the man while pulling on their daughter’s car seat, but the man wouldn’t give up.

“He was just trying to grab her out of the backseat and I got out and grabbed him and told him let go of my daughter and he wouldn’t let go,” Matthew Nicotra, the baby’s father, told the TV station.

But, according to the man’s friends, his daughter died about a month ago and the man must have snapped when he saw the baby in the car seat.

The man is facing charges of attempted child abduction, according to FOX4News.

Watch FOX4 News’ report on the incident:

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