A man was left stranded in the water after a shark attacked and sunk his kayak in Queensland

Photo: Supplied.

A shark attacked a kayaker’s boat in Moreton Bay, north of Brisbane, on Sunday, causing it to sink 8km from shore.

A 39-year-old man was kayaking as part of a group of 9 people when the shark bit off the back of his kayak.

Water Police responded to the man’s Triple 0 call and tracked his location using an incoming aircraft to Brisbane Airport.

Photo: Supplied.

The man was rescued just before 4pm.

His kayak was also recovered from the water to reveal a large hole from where the shark bit into it.

The man was uninjured.

Sergeant Gordon Thiry from Brisbane Water Police said it was fortunate they were able to find the man in time, and has encouraged people to always wear a life jacket and carry an EPIRB in such situations.

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