A man tried to kill Donald Trump during a rally in Las Vegas

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of supporters during a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona this month. Photo: Ralph Freso/ Getty Images.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas after allegedly trying to steal a police officer’s gun so he could kill the Republican candidate.

The man, Michael Steven Sandford, has been charged with an act of violence on restricted grounds.

According to a complaint filed in US District Court in Nevada, Sandford “revealed that he made a conscious effort to come to Las Vegas to kill Trump”.

The attacker said he thought he’d manage to fire a few rounds and knew he may be killed by police during his attempts.

He also admitted to having back up plans for a later rally should his plan fall through.

Not much else is known of Sandford so far, except that he was carrying a British driver’s license.

More to come.

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