Man Loses High Court Attempt To Get Back The $20.5 Million He Lost On Baccarat At Crown


Harry Kakavas took Crown casino to court, claiming it was wrong of it to let him gamble, and eventually lose millions of dollars.

Today, Australia’s High Court said it had unanimously rejected his claim.

“The court did not accept that the appellant’s pathological interest in gambling was a special disadvantage which made him susceptible to exploitation by Crown,” the court said in a summary on Wednesday.

“He was able to make rational decisions in his own interests, including deciding from time to time to refrain from gambling altogether. Crown did not knowingly victimise the appellant by allowing him to gamble at its casino.”

In his claim, Kakavas alleged Crown lured him to the Melbourne casino by giving him rebates on his losses and the use of a private jet.

All told he turned over $1.479 billion playing baccarat at the casino. His claim was an attempt to recover his net loss of $20.5 million over the period between June 2005 and August 2006

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