The shark attack in northern NSW was 'like watching the Mick Fanning episode in replay'

Main Beach at Evans Head. Courtesy of

A man was attacked by a shark at Evans Head, half an hour south of Ballina in northern New South Wales this morning.

Police were called to Main Beach where Craig Ison, 52, was attacked at approximately 6.20am.

His friend Geoff Hill, who was surfing with Ison when he was bitten by the shark, says it was “like watching the Mick Fanning episode in replay”.

“We were just paddling out, we hadn’t even got to the stage of trying to catch a wave and he called out to me, ‘Go in, there’s a shark!'” Hill told The ABC.

“Next thing, the shark grabbed him.”

Hill said there was a lot of thrashing before the Ison punched the shark and managed to get back on his board and paddle in to the beach.

Hill, along with passersby, helped to administer first aid, tying a tourniquet around Ison’s leg to stop the bleeding.

“He was losing a fair bit of blood from his thigh and he had an injury on his hand from where he punched the shark,” Hill said.

Emergency services later arrived and started working on the Ison’s injuries at the scene.

He suffered severe puncture wounds to his legs and hands.

A police officer drove the ambulance to Lismore hospital to allow the paramedics to attend to Ison, who remains in hospital win a serious but stable condition.

A photo of Ison’s board has surface on social media.

One scientist has concluded that the bite marks are consistent with those of a Great White shark.

Police say there will be aerial surveillance of the coastline and that Main Beach and two other local beaches – Shark Bay and Chinamans Beach – will be closed until 6.30am tomorrow.

The situation will be re-assessed tomorrow morning.

A police spokesperson said the media that there had been a number of shark sightings in the area recently, and that “a number of beach closures because of those sightings”.

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