A Man Brutalised By Police At Sydney's Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras Has Had Charges Against Him Dropped

Jamie Jackson Reed is now planning for this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi knowing he hasn’t criminal charges hanging over his life.

Almost two million people saw the video of a handcuffed Reed being thrown to the ground and stood on by a policeman.

The bloodied 18-year-old was then charged with the assault of two policemen in March 2013.

His case sparked outrage, street marches and accusations of police brutality against Sydney’s gay and lesbian community.

But the charges against him have been withdrawn.

His lawyer Chris Murphy: “I don’t know if the thug is still in the police force.” He then answers his own question: “Apparently he is.”

Magistrate Michael Barko, in the Local Court today, said Reed was “brutalised” by a constable and had his head slammed his head into the pavement.

The police must now pay Reed’s legal costs, running into tens of thousands of dollars.

And he is considering suing the the New South Wales Police.

The policeman, Constable Leon Mixios, is under investigation for the Mardi Gras night and of another incident, this time at a wedding, of using excessive force while making an arrest.

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