A majority of Leave voters now believe May's Brexit deal will be bad for Britain

  • More than half (51%) of Leave voters and two-thirds (65%) of the public now believe the outcome of Brexit negotiations will be bad for Britain, according to a Sky poll.
  • Almost four fifths of the public think May is handling Brexit badly.
  • The poll shows that dissatisfaction with the government’s Brexit approach is sky-rocketing.
  • A majority of voters back a second referendum.

LONDON – A majority of voters who voted to leave the European Union now believe that the outcome of Brexit negotiations will be bad for Britain, according to a new poll.

The Sky poll found that 51% of Leave voters and 65% of all voters believe that Theresa May will secure a bad deal for the country when she returns from Brussels later this year – an increase 0f 15 percentage points since the same poll was run last year.

Just 14% believe the government will get a good deal, down 12 points.

The poll also found that just 10% of the public believe the government is doing a good job negotiating Brexit, while 78% believe it is doing a bad job. That figure has increased by 23% since last year.

The findings appear partly to reflect the unpopularity of the prime minister’s Chequers plan, a series of proposals she agreed upon with her Cabinet earlier this month which are deeply unpopular with Leave voters because they would see the UK remain closely aligned with EU rules.

Theresa May’s ratings have taken a similar hit. Just 24% of the public are satisfied with her performance, down 17 points, with 74% dissatisfied, up 14 points.

The poll provides another indication that public support for a second Brexit referendum is growing. Most people (50%) supported a three-way Brexit referendum asking them to choose between the deal suggested by the government, no deal, and remaining on the EU, with 40% opposed – 10% answered don’t know.

Asked to choose between those options, remaining in the EU was preferred by 48%, with 27% opting for no deal and 13% choosing the government deal. Eight per cent said they would not vote, while 3% didn’t know.

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