An Australian Luxury Hotelier Could Be Ejected From His Sri Lankan Home Next Month After Flying Its Flag Upside Down

Australian hotelier Geoffrey Dobbs has been given a one-month temporary visa to “sort out his paper work” in his adopted home of Sri Lanka after he was blacklisted by authorities for disrespecting the nation’s flag.

Dobbs was turned back at Colombo airport twice in five days after flying four flags – each featuring Sri Lanka’s symbolic lion – upside down in the city of Galle last month.

Dobbs, a retired publisher, runs four luxury hotels in the region. His portfolio includes Taprobane Island, which famously hosted Sting and Kylie Minogue.

He has been accused of deliberately flying the Sri Lankan flags upside down and at half mast in retaliation to local workmen accidentally inverting an Australian flag.

But the Sri Lankan opposition says barring Dobbs from the country was part of a strategy by authorities to seize control of his assets, the AFP reports.

There’s more on the AFP.

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