Here’s One Way To Get A New PC At Work: Smash The Old One


One-fifth of office workers in France think sabotage is the best way to get a new PC or phone at work.

That’s one conclusion from a new survey by online backup provider Mozy (part of EMC), which surveyed 600 IT managers and 3,000 workers in France, Germany, and the U.K. about old computers.

As part of the survey, Mozy asked employees “What do you think is the quickest way for someone to get a new phone or laptop in your company?”

20% of French workers said “break my existing device and ask for a replacement,” as did 13% of U.K. workers and 8% of Germans.

Other popular underhanded tactics include trading in the company-issued device for a new one at a store, buying parts and doing an upgrade yourself, or lying about a new worker. Overall, one-third of employees thought that cheating the system was the best way to get a new replacement.

Germans were the most likely to go through the official procurement process.

The survey was done to prove Mozy’s point that old computers can cause data loss — which is why companies should use online backup.

Here’s the full chart:

Mozy employee survey results

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