A Look Back At WWE Draft History

The WWE Draft has become a big event for WWE and pro wrestling fans. Pre-draft predictions generally start months before the big day, although this year fans only have a week to speculate. However, in the nine year history of drafts, rarely is the WWE Draft a game changer.

The draft format has changed several times over the years since its inaugural 2002 WWE Draft. The first draft was conducted under traditional sports draft rules where owners of each brand drafted their favourite superstar to WWE RAW or SmackDown. The format has become more random since 2002 where wrestlers are randomly drafted via a digital interface today.

Most fans miss the format of the first World Wrestling Entertainment Draft. It isn’t nearly as exciting to watch a digital cube or robot draft a random WWE superstar that could be anyone from Triple H to Hornswoggle. Unfortunately egos got in the way and some WWE superstars were offended with their original draft positioning.

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