MOBILE INSIGHTS: A Look At U.S. Consumer App behaviour

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U.S. App Usage Peaks at Night (Flurry)
U.S. mobile app usage increases throughout the day, peaking between 6 and 10 p.m. Gaming still eats up the most time, but other app categories are starting to close the gap, particularly social networking and photo-sharing, and news and magazine consumption. Interestingly, Americans aged 25 to 34 play less games than other demographics. Instead, they overindex with fitness and music apps. Read >

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Apple May Be Building a Phablet (Reuters)
Apple is looking at building iPhones with larger screens, ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches, according to suppliers. It is reportedly still exploring the release of cheaper models as well. If true, that represents a break with Apple’s historic product strategy to meet the broader diversity of Samsung’s offerings. Read >

Google Takes More Than Half of All Mobile Ad Dollars (eMarketer)
It grabbed 52% of global mobile ad dollars in 2012. The next largest company, Facebook, had a 5% share. The reason for Google’s dominance in the market is pretty straightforward: search continues to account for the bulk of mobile ad revenue. Read >

WhatsApp Hits New Messaging Record (The Next Web)
The popular mobile messaging service processed 27 billion messages in a 24-hour period, up from 18 billion on New Year’s Eve last year. We recently wrote about the threat messaging apps like WhatsApp pose to the mobile ecosystem. Read > 

The Changes to iOS (Matt Gemmell)
Matt Gemmell has a good post about the changes to iOS 7 — and the philosophy driving them. His screenshots may be the best yet demonstrating the major changes. Read >

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