A Look At Poverty And The New Census Report

Paul Krugman

Photo: NYtimes.com

Busy day, so I won’t have much time to post. But I should weigh in on the Census report, many of whose key findings are summarized in this CBPP post.Crucially, of course, the report documents the vast human damage being inflicted by a weak economy. It also documents the ways in which safety-net programs have at least mitigated that damage — notably, uninsurance among children has actually fallen thanks to SCHIP and Medicaid, unemployment insurance has literally kept millions above the poverty line, and the early features of the Affordable Care Act have helped hundreds of thousands of young adults retain insurance. We’ll have a fuller read on this, with the effects of food stamps and other in-kind benefits, next month.

Read the rest at The New York Times.

Check out 14 facts from the report here >

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