Inside Michele Bachmann's Police Reports


2012 GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann may claim to have a “titanium spine,” but police records show that the Minnesota congresswoman is quick to call for backup.

A Miami Herald investigation found that Bachmann and her staff have filed no less than eight police reports, requesting investigations or protection when the congresswoman’s campaign yard signs were stolen, after gay rights protesters threw glitter on her, and when people egged the Bachmanns’ house, among other incidents. None of the complaints led to an arrest.

The most startling report involves the now-infamous Bachmann in the Bathroom story, often used by Bachmann profilers to illustrate the conservative congresswoman’s strongly anti-gay positions.

The incident occurred when two Minnesota voters — Pamela Arnold, a lesbian, and Nancy Cosgriff, a former nun — approached Bachmann in a public restroom after a campaign event to ask about her support for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Bachmann apparently panicked. “Help me! Someone get me out of here! You’re holding me against my will” she told police she yelled, before running from the restroom “in a crouched position,” according to local news reports at the time.

“I was amazed and concerned when she erupted in this emotional outburst without provocation… I tried to apologise for any misunderstanding,” Nancy Cosgriff, the former nun, told the Herald.

Bachmann later filed a “possible false imprisonment” inquiry with the police. The women weren’t prosecuted because lack of evidence of any criminal activity.

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