A Lobby Group Has A List Of The Australian Politicians Whose Minds Could Be Changed On Gay Marriage

Australia’s first same sex married couple, Stephen Dawson and Dennis Liddelow. Photo by Martin Ollman. @martin_o. All rights reserved

A gay marriage lobby group has identified a list of 70 federal politicians whose minds could be changed on the issue.

According to a Fairfax Media report, the same-sex marriage advocates have identified the list which includes 50 Lower House members, including the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Gay marriage was legal in the Australian Capital Territory for a matter of days after a law was passed by the ACT legislative council.

It was thrown out later by the High Court, which ruled marriage laws were in the remit of the Federal Government.

The Abbott Government challenged the laws on this basis, rather than moral grounds. Unlike their Labor counterparts, Coalition MPs are not allowed a conscience vote on the issue.

The Coalition says marriage should only be between a man and a women, although former Liberal Party leader and current Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently said he believes this will change.

He weathered public criticism from party colleagues after he said Australia was falling behind many other countries who were legalising same-sex unions.

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