A Lewd And Sexist Website Just Cost A Liberal Hopeful His Political Career

The Liberal Party just announced it has dropped a candidate who was exposed as having run a website that contained hundreds of sexist jokes.

Kevin Baker ran “Mini-mods”, which has been taken down but can still be viewed in its cached form.

The Daily Telegraph revealed this morning Baker’s links to the site. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was briefed on the matter and was dumped late this afternoon.

In a statement, Baker said: “I deeply regret the posts made on my website and decided that it was not appropriate to continue as the Party’s candidate.”

His name will still appear on the ballot paper on September 7.

An engineer by training, Baker was running in the NSW seat of Charlton. It’s currently held by former minister Greg Combet who announced he would retire after Kevin Rudd regained the Labor leadership from Julia Gillard. Combet held the seat by a margin of 12.7% so Baker had only a remote chance of winning, even against ALP candidate Pat Conroy who was standing in Combet’s place.

There’s more at the Tele.

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