A Landlord Tried To Make Money Off Bushfire Victims By Putting The Rent Up

Photo: Getty/L.M Williams

New South Wales is battling the worst fires in 45 years.

And one landlord thought that was a good excuse to put his rent up, according to the state’s premier.

Barry O’Farrell said at least one owner in the lower Blue Mountains region told his estate agent to increase the rent on a property after more than 200 homes were destroyed by fire.

Laws are in place that prevent this happening, and anyone who tries it on will be named and shamed, O’Farrell said.

“This sort of bastardry, trying to price gouge off the back of a natural disaster, is unacceptable.

“There are penalties in place, and the government won’t hesitate to apply those penalties.”

O’Farrell said the landlord had told his agent “at a time when people had lost so many homes, it was a good time to try and make some money”.

He said during a press conference that anyone who tried it on would face $220,000 fines for individuals and $1.1 million for corporations.

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