A Labor senator's just delivered yet another pun-filled Taylor Swift rant

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari (r), with just somebody that he used to know. Photo: Getty Images

Labor senator Sam Dastyari was once one of the “faceless men” of the NSW Right faction and the party’s former state secretary.

But since entering the Senate in 2013, he’s revealed his theatrical side, a love of dad jokes and Taylor Swift.

Last year the 32-year-old delivered a pun-laden “Game of Tones” speech in the Senate, and in September, managed to fill Hansard – the official record of what’s said in Parliament – with the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, describing it as “a modern soliloquy on the Liberal Party”.

“I am quoting a poet here. I notice that other senators are laughing; I just do not think they are treating this with the respect it deserves,” Dastyari told the Senate, before launching into “Magic, madness, heaven, sin”.

Perhaps inspired by Swift’s Sydney concert on the weekend, the father of two young daughter was back using his extensive knowledge of the US singer’s catalogue during a doorstop interview this morning about treasurer Scott Morrison, making four Taylor Swift jokes in just 15 seconds.

Morrison had “done a Swifty” he could not “shake off”, there’d be “bad blood” and the treasurer should be filling in the “blank space”.

Morrison subsequently told the media to “shake it off” – referring to this story in Fairfax Media today that PM Malcolm Turnbull sounded him out about becoming treasurer as far back as February this year.

Dastyari, who’s also chairing the Senate inquiry into tax avoidance, was pretty pleased with himself and couldn’t resist challenging fellow Labor MP Terri Butler to best him.

She wasn’t as impressed, suggesting that if you want poetry, best reference the English poet and philosopher who gave the world The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan.

Parliament holds its final session for the year this week before the Christmas break.

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