This Korean Company Has Made A Horrible Improvement On The Shake Weight

ace power korea exercise

If you are still haunted by images of the “Shake Weight,” then you might want to sit down for this … preferably on your brand new, “Ace Power” horse riding imitator.

The YouTube description for the Korean product’s hilarious infomercial explains:

From Korea, for those who like to ride the horse in front of TV and in home comfort of their own space. For all family member, this home mechanical equestrian system will meet for all the family need. It help device to fitness you up! And reach the health goal! Live longer for now! Be your Ace Power!!

The video starts 30 seconds in:

Although this bizarre contraption seems too good to be true, apparently horseback riding simulators are a thing. Here’s a slightly tamer Japanese infomercial for a similar product:

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