A kitesurfer had a near miss with a great white shark in Western Australia

Photo: Isabelle Fabre/ Facebook.

A travel blogger has captured the moment she had an uncomfortably close encounter with a great white shark in Western Australia.

Isabelle Fabre, a popular blogger and kite surfer, was being filmed with a drone while she kitesurfed over the shallow waters.

She spotted what she initially thought was a shadow from her surfboard in the Fitzgerald River National Park, between Albany and Esperance, about 400km south of Perth.

Photo: Isabelle Fabre/ Facebook.

Fabre, 30, said she then thought it was a dolphin before realising the shadow was much larger.

“When it passed beneath me I realised it was a huge great white shark,” the French kitesurfer said.

She said she tried to turn and surf away but the wind was not strong enough and she kept dipping into the water. Her friend, who was filming with a drone, had also spotted the shark and he was shouting at her to get out of the water.

“I was struggling to get my ass out of the water and I thought ‘I am done’.

“I heard Cyril shouting ‘shark Isabelle’.

“I saw my life parade in front of my eyes every time I felt myself touch the water.”

She eventually reached the beach, where she found she was shaking with fear.

This article originally appeared on Stuff.co.nz. Read the original here.

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