A Kenyan Witch Doctor Has Already Predicted The Next US President

Photo: Youtube

Forget the fact that he works in the same village where President Barack Obama’s father was born. When a Kenyan witch doctor says he knows who will win tonight’s presidential election, everyone stops and listens. Just days ago, 105-year-old John Dimo, who hails from the Western Kenyan village of Kogelo, has called it for Obama, hands down. 

Or should we say shells down? 

“Dimo used shells, bones and other items outside his tent in Kogelo, western Kenya, to call a winner in the race between Mr Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney,” reports the Daily Telegraph. “Pointing to a white shell, he declared: ‘Obama is very far ahead and is definitely going to win.’

We won’t know for sure if his shells spell the truth, but it’s no wonder Kenyans would want the victory to land in Obama’s lap. The tiny village where Obama, Snr. was born and later buried has seen huge infrastructure improvements since his son’s win in 2008, including more access to water and electricity. 

Watch him make his prediction here:

If you’re more into hard cold maths than magic, check out the latest election predictions by Business Insider’s own Grace Wyler here > 

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