A Just-Named Goldman Partner Once Reportedly Offered A Call Girl 500,000 Pounds To Leave Her Husband

goldman sachs, nyse

Photo: nysetv1 via YouTube

Goldman Sachs just published its list of newly appointed partners. At least one of them has a colourful past.

In 2009, then-35-year-old Yann Samuelides offered a call girl £500,000 to “leave her pensioner husband,” the Daily Mail reported at the time:

He offered her this amount to marry him, the court was told.

He also threatened to kill himself if she stopped seeing him, Miss Holmokova’s estranged husband claimed during a bitter divorce hearing.

Denis Morley, a 67-year-old retired businessman, told the court the banker had showered his young wife with gifts after becoming her client.

He had even rented a luxurious flat for her before offering his £500,000 marriage proposal, he said.

It may have worked though: the woman eventually divorced her husband, and was accompanied by Samuelides to divorce court.

She did not ask her ex for any financial settlement, the Mail said.

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